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                 8/31/20 FINAL UPDATE ON WATER SYSTEM!!!
All the Main Pipe on all streets have been installed. Most Service Laterals have been installed. except for a couple here and there, on Ben Thorne. Most Fire Hydrants have been installed, except on Ben Thorne. Major Control Stations have been installed.

Work Plans:
Install and complete Services and Fire Hydrants on Ben Thorne. Complete Control Stations at Black Bart and Boards Crossing and at Hang Tree near Indian Rock.
Start hooking up services to individual homes.
At this stage of the project there is a lot of finish work and clean up on every street!

There are four phases (sections of pipe) each segment including, pipe, hydrants services need to be filled, flushed, pressure checked, and chlorinated. Then two days of samples have to be taken prior to charging up that segment; then there will be connections that have to be done to go to the next section. All of this is being done to closely follow State Water quality standards.

DA Wood is working toward an October 1, 2020 completion date, including paving (again this is a forecast!)
DA Wood will be having extra crews when available, so there may be days with 30 people and days with less. We have no control over that!

Again, most of the major work has been completed yet there is still a lot of work needed to be done before it's all complete and every street will have some sort of work being done!

Once a Phase/Segment is approved by the State then individual homes will be hooked up to the new water Main. A short time water shutoff will happen on each segment on occasion. A DA Wood or SSA employee will knock on your door to let you know that the water will be shut off long enough to hook up the new service. It will be recommended to flush your fixtures for a few minutes to relieve any air in the lines.
Existing services/water mains from behind the home, we are working on obtaining a plumber to reattach these services to the new meter location in front of the home. If any individual is willing to perform this themselves please contact us!

There will be new Electronic Meters installed and larger meter boxes with larger lids, and a valve will be placed on the homeowner's side of the meter for the homeowner to turn on or off. The lids are larger and heavier we will give you information on hooks to purchase if needed in the future.
Approximately 50% of the homes will have a Pressure Regulator installed at the meter, these regulators will be on the homeowner's side of the meter and the homeowner will be responsible for these and any future replacement.
Thank You All for the patience throughout this project, and again the major part of the project is completed. Please understand that there still is a lot of follow up work needs to be performed, so the crews will be working throughout the entire Sub-Division!

PG&E Contractors are in the area installing new poles and removing lines that are attached to trees, and have also caused road closures, traffic delays, and have had impacts on our water system. Mario's Tree Service is in and out on a constant basis. Their work also includes the use of heavy equipment, drilling equipment, dropping large trees. Please be conscious of this as their work is not related to our water replacement project, nor caused by DA Wood.

If you have questions or comments regarding water service, traffic, or anything else pertaining to the water project, please call or text Dan O'Hara at (925) 550-7451. He can also be reached at his email [email protected]  He is our Water Project Manager and is here for all of you!