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First, you should have received your letter by now letting you know of our Federal inspections that will be happening soon. Please be courteous and kind when these employees are doing their inspections, it is meant for good! Please click here for a copy!

Michelle, your manager has completed site inspections for all of the common areas as of July and she will be tasking Michael with some items that need to be tended too.  Michelle will also be doing property inspections in August and September and will be contacting anyone who is violating the CC&Rs. This is being done to make sure that your property values stay in a positive place and that the Association stays beautiful and appealing to all who enter and live here, whether you vacation here or full time.  Please know that if you happen to receive a notice of violation, Michelle will work with you and the Board of Directors so that you can be compliant without a fine, if any.  If you have questions, concerns, or complaints as always please reach out: [email protected]