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Here is an update on the vegetation and wildfire program happening right now all over forested areas due to these out of control and deadly wildfires.  This is directly from the PG&E website:

A. Enhance our routine vegetation management work to meet new state vegetation and fire-safety standards. The new standards require a clearance of 4 feet around power lines in high fire-threat areas with recommended minimum clearances of 12 feet or more at time of trim to ensure compliance year-round.

B. Respond to the dramatically increasing wildfire threat our state faces by addressing overhanging tree branches or limbs that have the potential to come into contact with power lines.

C. As an added layer of protection, continue to partner with customers to create fire defense zones around power lines in the highest fire-threat areas. We are looking at the area 15 feet from the pole line to reduce vegetation that could act as fuel in the event of a wildfire.

We plan to minimize the risk posed by vegetation across over 7,100 miles of power lines across our service area, and in areas that face the gravest and most immediate wildfire risk.

They have sub-contracted with two other companies to mark trees that we have all witnessed seem to be random and not consistent with the information posted.  I am trying diligently to get in touch with someone so we can oversee in a sense what they are doing and make sure they are consistent and correct and not just removing trees on a whim. This will prove to be difficult because PG&E will have the liability rest on the homeowner or association if they have marked a tree for removal and we say no.  We don't want this liability either.  We will be updating via the minutes of our meetings and here on the website as we get new information. 


You are responsible for the vegetation on your property. At this time there are so many dead trees in every community. Please be aware that you are responsible for the removal of any dead/dying trees on your own property. There are resources to assist you IF the trees that are dead/dying are within 100 feet of PG&E power lines. You can contact PG&E and have them come to your property and discern whether or not the tree is within their parameters for them to remove it. It is advised that if this occurs that the homeowner be home to supervise the debris that will be left behind. Please visit this link to find out more information on this program.

Other Resources:

Chapel in the Pines Church, Arnold, CA has a group called the Doo-Wooders that may come and remove down wood and give you a letter for a tax deduction. Please contact the church directly at (209) 795-1064.