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New California Laws for HOAs means New Declarations for Snowshoe Springs;

The Board of Directors have been working very hard to have Snowshoe Springs Association's Declarations updated so that we are compliant with State Law. This has been very laborious but we are coming to a final update.

This will soon be coming to you via email or snail mail.  You, as a member will have approximately a week or so to go over them and cast your vote in favor, or not for these new Declarations.  Keep in mind, that if you do not vote in favor for them, Snowshoe Springs will essentially be operating outside of the law.  We do not have much of a choice but to agree with the new laws that have been written into the old Declarations.

There will be a ZOOM meeting in which the Board of Directors, our attorney, and the membership can attend and ask questions, make comments, etc.  I implore you all to please exercise your vote and help us finish this project quickly and efficiently. 

I will be posting on Facebook, sending emails to remind you of the necessity of this issue to Snowshoe Springs Association.  You may also receive a phone call from your Board members to remind you to cast your vote as well and attend the meeting.  Please watch the website, your email,  and slab for the meeting post!! I will post the documents to the RIGHT of this box as soon as they become available to me for posting. ---------->>>>