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We regret to inform you all of the passing of three of our longtime Snowshoe Springs owners.  

Edwin Jennings (Dave Jennings father)

Jim Wurtz

Larry Schlaeger

Please keep the family and friends in your thoughts and make sure to always 

                                                                       reach out with kind words for your fellow neighbors. Lend a hand, give a  

                                                                       smile, and most of all be kind. 


I have everything you see here on hand for purchase!! Show your support and love for SSA with your own cap or hat!

Baseball Caps: $18.10 each (one size fits most)

Mens Tee: $9.10 each (I have S, M, L, XL)

Womens Tee: $5.11 (I have S, M, L, XL)

I can mail any of the above to you with the additional cost of shipping/supplies.  Email me at [email protected] You can also make arrangements to pick up your order with me personally.