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Board of Directors

Richard Mates


(term ends July 2020)

Rob Hart


(term ends July 2019)

Mary Chin


(term ends July 2020)

We have a spot open on the board!! Please call or email the manager if you are interested!

TREASURER (Rob Hart acting Treasurer)

(term ends July 2019)

Danny O'Hara


(term ends July 2020)

Aaron Adams


(term ends July 2021)

Sam Altshuler


(term ends July 2021)

Association Manager

Michelle Kuffler has been your Association Manager since April 2016.  She enjoys being a part of this Association and enjoys meeting the owners.  She holds two accreditations in Community Association Management and will obtain her CMCA accreditation early 2019. She has two decades of administration experience and a strong background in property management. She is also cross-training on the water system, so if you see her out and about, please feel free to say hi!

Maintenance Manager

Michael Kuffler is our Maintenance Manager. He is actively studying the unique SSA water system and has obtained the D1 certification to maintain the current water system. He has lots of projects for beautification of the common areas coming in the Spring of 2019. We hope that you'll notice a wonderful difference this year and approve. We value your input!