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Are you interested in a volunteer position as INSPECTOR OF ELECTIONS?

Snowshoe Springs Association is looking for a detail-oriented person to volunteer their time to be our Inspector of Elections for any possible items that need a vote of the membership, as needed. This requires several items as a commitment from the individual on several levels.  This process can take up to 4-months and it can take an enormous amount of time and effort on your behalf.  I have attached two items for your review if you think you may be interested in serving your community in this way.  Please contact Michelle at [email protected] if you think you are interested.

This webpage goes over what an Inspector of Elections does, with commentary:

So, what does the “Inspector of Elections” do, anyway? – HOA Brief

AB 323 LEGISLATURE: This document is the new California Law that was passed and is the reason why we now need an Inspector of Elections. This could be an annual dedication, or more depending on items that need a membership vote.

Please give careful consideration as once it is started, we need to make sure nothing comes that will prevent you from serving at the last minute or that will not allow us enough time to find replacement in a timely matter since everything hinges on strict timelines.  You will also need to house documents for one-year before giving those to the Association.