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We own a property in Big Trees Village Homeowners Association which allows our members to become Recreation members (if you pay the fee) to enjoy their beautiful recreation center. This includes 2 exceptionally maintained swimming pools, snack bar, move nights, wine tastings, chili cook-offs, meeting and socializing with our neighboring association members, Bingo nights, raffle participation, and much more. Please visit here to start the application process and see what else joining will bring to your summer!


Dorrington Inn

Black Bear Inn

Timberline Lodge

Meadowmont Lodge


      2182 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-6368)

      961 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-2091)

     Cedar Center, Arnold (813-7102)
       960 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-3303)
        846 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-1594)
        1051 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-1950)
        794 Highway 4, Arnold (795-9858)
  •   Round Table Pizza
      2182 Hwy 4, Arnold (795-0193)